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Huichol, el viaje místico; La senora de Sipan; Siembra; Poki y Taki (Tikitiklip)

Director: Franciso Ortuño Silva
Music: Mother Eagle Kaili Huichol Sacred Music
Year/length:2006. 3 minutes.
Language:Huichol (no subtitles)
Released on:Youtube

Black and white line drawings give way to the psychedelic color visions of traditional Huichol yarn art as a man eats peyote. The Huichol song is "Tutu Mu Yamane."

(Saludo Bonito)
(Cute Greeting)
Music: Wilson Chindoy
Nicolás Chicunque (niño)
Year/length:less than 2 minutes.
Setting:Sibundoy, Putumayo, Colombia
Culture:Kamëntsá (Spanish subtitles)
Released on:Youtube

There are no credits given for the animation, but you'd have to be heartless not to love this beautiful song from the Kamentsa community of the Colombian Amazon. They are also known as Camsá or Kamse.

You can also watch the original, non-animated performers here:

Director: Natalia Coppa
Animation:Natalia Coppa
Music:Maíz (performer)
Kike Pinto (music & lyrics)
Length:4 min.
Setting:Huarochiri, Peru
Technique:stop motion
Released on:Youtube

Maíz is a duo comprised of Cecilia Palles (vocals and charangos) and Martín Rodriguez (guitars). In this video they perform a song by the Peruvian ethnomusicologist Kike Pinto, a walina or song to water that he composed in the style of the indigenous community of San Pedro de Casta, Huarochiri, Lima. Natalia Coppa's clay animation and mixed media backgrounds adds a sublime beauty to an already lovely song. Available on Youtube.

Nubecita blanca, que navegas con el viento
Llévate mis penas, y mi sufrimiento
Y la voz de mi sentimiento.

Anda, corre, y dile a mi Pachakamaq
Y a mi madre linda Pachamama
Que en una montaña lloro muy sediento
Por unas gotitas de tus aguas.

Hojita de coca, ay, adivíname mi suerte
Qué será mi vida, qué será mi muerte
Y eleva mi voz en mi aliento.

Anda, corre, y dile a mi Pachakamaq
Y a mi madre, linda Pachamama
Que en una montaña lloro muy hambriento
Por tu medicina y alimento.

Aguilita negra, que vas abriendo tus alas
Volando muy alto, mirando muy lejos
En tus alas lleva mis sueños.

Anda, corre, y dile a mi Pachakamaq
Y a mi madre linda Pachamama
Que en una montaña lloro y me lamento
Por una visión para mi pueblo.

Apu Markawasi, tú habías sido esa montaña
Donde yo he sembrado flores de mi vida
Sólo por cantar mi walina.

Anda, corre, y dile a mi Pachakamaq
Y a mi madre linda Pachamama
Que fuiste testigo, que dejé mis rezos
Y en tu corazón dejé mi vida.

Director/writer: Javier Zapata Innocenzi
Animation: Flavio Fernandini Figari
Music:Javier Zapata Innocenzi,
Gustavo Chavez
Year/length:3 minutes
Setting: Peru, Pre-Colombian times
Culture:Moche, Chavin, Chimu, Inka
Indian Content:high
Released on: Youtube

This is a short musical celebrating La Señora de Sipán. Sipán is one of the most important archaeological sites in Peru. Excavated in 1987, the Royal Tombs of Sipán revealed an unprecedented wealth of information on the Moche culture that thrived from around 100-700 AD. In this cartoon, La Señora de Sipán is friends with other fictional women from other cultures on the northern coast of ancient Peru--La Mamá de los Chavin, La Vecina de Chan Chan, La Chica de Mochica-- and even La Dama de Ampato, which was an Inka maiden of the sun found on Ampato Mountain near Arequipa (named after the archaeologist, Johann Reinhard, who found her). In reality not all of these cultures existed at the same time. Nevertheless, this is a very entertaining cartoon that will get people interested in learning more about Peru. Available on Youtube:

Sinopsis en español:
No hay mejor manera de recordar un tema que con música. En este sentido Javier Zapata, autor del libro Camino Emprendedor, nos enseña el vídeo "La Señora de Sipán" que busca difundir la historia peruana, a través de divertidas viñetas animadas. "Tanto la canción como el video fueron pensados como un medio para motivar la curiosidad y acercar nuestra historia a chicos y grandes. La animación juega con algunas fechas y situaciones, y plantea preguntas sin necesariamente ofrecer respuestas. Confiamos en que los padres y profesores sabrán hacer buen uso de este material para orientar a los chicos e incentivarlos a conocer más de nuestra historia", señala el autor.

La Vecina de Chan Chan

La Mamá de los Chavin

La Chica de Mochica y La Dama de Ampato

Writer:Francisco Murillo
Animation:Edgar Alvarez
Length:3 minutes
Culture:campesinos everywhere
Released on:Youtube

An exuberant celebration of farmers all over the world, with music by the Costa Rican band Rialengo and stop motion animation by the Colombian artist Edgar Humberto Alvarez, whose work can be seen on his Facebook page, Se lo explico con plastilina?


Studio:Ojitos Producciones
Directors:Alejandra Egaña, Paz Puga
Writers:Alejandra Egaña, Paz Puga, Pedro Peirano, Anna Witte (lyrics)
Animation:Vanesa Brown, Paloma Valdivia, Cristóbal León, Alberto Montt, Claudio Romo
Music:Miranda y Tobar
Year/length:2010; thirteen 4-5 minute episodes
Indian Content:high
Released on:Youtube

As discussed in the Series section, these are fantastic music videos from several different cultures of Mexico and Central and South America. Not to be missed!

(Cuando Amanece)
Studio:Tatuka; Taller Ambulante de Formación Audiovisual
Directors:Alexander Muñoz Ramirez
Leslie Ortiz
Writer:Paula López
Animation:Oscar Kein
Music:Alex Hueso,
Length:4 minutes
Setting:El Salvador
Technique:stop motion with paper and other materials
Released on:Youtube

A celebration of corn. When a mother runs out of corn, her three children go out to play. They enter an ancient temple, put on masks, dance, and pretend they have turned into animals. When they come back, mother has made tortillas. Very cute video with some nice imagery. In Nahuatl with Spanish subtitles.
Available on Youtube:

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