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Native Americans in the Movies:

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Cine Andino
Summaries of over 240 films on the indigenous people and culture of the Andes mountains.

Cine Andino Blog
Concentrating on the "nuevo cine regional" made by indigenous filmmakers in Peru. The blog is no longer active.

Observando Cine Peruano
A blog reviewing new and old Peruvian films. In Spanish. Discontinued; followed by which has a more international coverage.

From Bolivia
Searchable database of Bolivian cinema, but only goes up to 2011.

Cine Chile
Database of just about every Chilean film. Some online films included. In Spanish.

Cine Nacional
Argentine films. Often lacking plot summary or description. In Spanish.

Retablo Ayacuchano
A blog on the culture of Ayacucho, Peru, including films of the thriving Cine Regional.


Meu Cinema Brasileiro
Database of Brazilian films, with summaries in Portuguese.

Video nas Aldeias
Video in the Villages is an ambitious project begun by Vincent Carelli which teaches filmmaking to the natives of the Brazilian Amazon. The site includes some of Carelli's own films as well as the fruits of his project: dozens of documentaries created by and for the indigenous people of the Amazon.

Obras Indgenas
A brief survey of films about the indigenous peoples of Brazil.


Cine y Video Centroamericano
A datebase of Central American films.

Peliculas Guatemaltecas
A blog with brief summaries and links to trailers.


Cine Mexicano
Selective coverage of important films, directors and actors. In Spanish.

Mexican DVD store. Click on NACIONAL to browse Mexican films. (Prices are in pesos.)


Cine LatinoAmericano
A large database covering 6,000 Latin American films, searchable by country, title, director, and actor. Sometimes a little tricky to search, especially for words that have accents. In Spanish.

Clacpi: Coordinadora Latinoamericana de Cine y Comunicacion de los Pueblos Indigenas
Organizers of the Festival Internacional de Cine Indigena.


Native Networks / Redes Indgenas
News on forthcoming Indian-themed movies and film festivals. From the Museum of Native American Indians. In Spanish or English.

Obsidiana TV
News on Indigenous films. In Spanish.

An online film magazine from Peru, focusing on Peru but including films from around the world. Reviews, news, and interviews. Searchable. In Spanish.

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